I miss San Angelo. Kind of hard to believe, but this is true. Good old “Sand AND Jello”.


Two weeks ago I drove from Austin to Santa Fe, dipping south on highway 90 through all that the Texas wilderness is – seemingly a vast expanse of the nothingness that is desert, an arid sea of earth and rock compressed by big sky.Like most deserts, Texas is a paradoxical landscape: full of nothing, whimsical and grounded, stark yet indistinct, a desolate landscape where under hot sun, lavender-colored sage, cactus flowers and green grass grow. Amidst synonymslikewasteland, barren, infertile, desolate, the deserts ofTexas bloom in spite of it all, creating a contradictory landscape and culture that made me realize how little I know about this big lone star state.

I’ve written about the desert before as a place that can empty you, can open a space within a person whereinspiration is almost inevitable. And as an outsider, this massive stretch of other-worldly earth felt this way; with so much…

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